Virgo Workshop: Aug 25th 2013

Virgo:  The Alchemy of Harvest
“Harvesting Your Gold & Extracting the Alchemical Essence”

Dates: Sun 25th August 2013

Venue: The Roundhouse, St Anne’s, Chilkwell St, Glastonbury

John Wadsworth & Anthony Thorley,

This is the sixth workshop in our 2012-13 Programme. Drawing upon the energy of Virgo, Mercury and the element of earth, it will help you reconnect to the everyday miracles of life, miracles that can be perceived in the details of everyday life. It might also help you find new meaning and purpose in the work that you do.

Virgo by Josephine Wall

Virgo by Josephine Wall

This is the time of harvest and work. Summer has produces its abundant crop and now it is time to strip away what is not necessary to reveal what is essential. So we will explore our own lives within this context. We will explore the nature of our work, our efficiency, our relationship to time, and how we are ordering our lives. This is a phase of analysis and discrimination, noticing the details of our lives and putting things in their appropriate place.

As we move from Leo into Virgo, we are moving from the domain of the Sun, where we basked in the light of creative expression, we are now moving into the domain of Mercury, the wily magician, whose skill and cunning knits together the fabric of life into a seamless dance. In the Gemini phase, we met Mercury through the element of air, in his role as messenger, emissary of divine contact. Now, in Virgo, Mercury really takes on an embodied form and embeds his magic in the details of life, details which we so easily miss each time we attempt to look beyond the everyday for inspiration.

When we ignore the mundane, the embodied every day rituals, we risk losing the magic touch. So this month, is about being mindful of Mercury’s deft touch, his sleight of hand. Our transformation, through the Virgoan perspective comes through observing the order and rituals of life, learning to respect and revere each so-called mundane experience and glimpse magic in the ordinary. This is where we take out our ritual broom, and sweep, clean, tidy, polish, wax, sharpen, become still, accept the ordinary tasks that life presents us with.

Timings: 10am – 5.30pm

PRICE: £30

payment by cheque to “Kairos Education Ltd, St Anne’s, Chilkwell St, Glastonbury BA6 8DE.

More details, call John on 01458 831771 / 07869 133759

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