The Taurus Altar


One of the most memorable features of The Alchemical Journey over the last year have been the incredible zodiac altars that Colette creates for us each month. They form the centrepiece of our workshops, included within our circle, and offer such a depth of perspective and a richness of symbolism – and they really help us to enter authentically and ritually into each zodiacal energy. Although Colette is not an astrologer, she researches the myths and stories of each sign in great depth prior to each workshop and she has really embodied her own alchemical journey through through these altars, and in so doing she has realised a genuine gift for creating sacred spaces.

Each month on The Alchemical Journey, we reserve a space for Colette to introduce the altar and for people to make their own dedications and offerings to it. Depending on the themes of the weekend, participants are invited to bring certain items to dedicate to the altar – so the altar actually becomes a community project. So with the Taurus altar, people were invited to bring something that was very precious to them, something of great value to them, either materially or spiritually. This is reflective of the Tauruean emphasis on what we value and our relationship to the things that we own or identify strongly with.

Featured in this month’s Taurus altar, and modelled here by Lynne is the Taurean mask, made by former Alchemical Journey participant, Maggie Bennett.


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