The Dance of Venus @ Sunrise Celebration 2010

Just landing after an extraordinary experience at the Sunrise Festival.  Our Zodiac Temple of the Stars was a remarkable happening, coinciding as it did with the year’s first conjunction of Jupiter & Uranus in Aries, which was joined by the moon on Sunday morning. What better catalyst could you want for creative innovation?

Our Zodiac Temple was basically a 24ft yurt containing twelve exquisite altars created by Colette, and marked out according to the directions, with Capricorn in the north and Aries in the west, with the signs plotted out anti-clockwise, as you would find on a traditional birth chart.  Our temple was perfectly placed on the perimeter of the medicine wheel for the Universal Mysteries area, which itself was itself was designed in a zodiacal pattern – marked out by the effigies of the Glastonbury Zodiac.  So we had out Star Temple inside and our landscape temple outside.  With the fantastic weather we were blessed with we were able to make good use of both over the weekend.

There were so many really beautiful moments and I’d like to share one of the highlights here, The Dance of Venus…

The Dance of Venus
with Commentary by John Wadsworth
Music by Vicki Burke. Filmed by Colette Lassalle

We danced this as a group, mimicking the perfect symmetry of Venus’s path around the Sun, as it traces a beautiful heart-rose mandala in its relationship to the earth. Through its synodic cycle every eight years, Venus makes ten conjunctions with the Sun, five (inferior) in front of the Sun and five (superior) behind it. Through this motion, Venus traces a perfect five-petalled rose figure, during which time it “kisses” the earth five times at its inferior conjunctions, as it reaches its closest point to the earth and turns retrograde – always showing the same face to the sun. Dancing this divine pattern is an enchanting experience, especially to music in a 5/4 time signature, which is the natural signature of Venus. The dance was led by Nick Kollerstrom, whose research has brought this extraordinary phenomena to public awareness. I’m posting two videos here, one with a commentary from myself.

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