The Astrology of 2010

So here we are in 2010, a new decade, and, according to the traditions of numerous ancient civilizations, the most anticipated decade for millennia. And while many are speculating about the Winter Solstice of 2012 & the end of the Mayan long count calendar, we astrologers are still very much focussed on the astrology of 2010.

The Cardinal Grand Cross – 7th Aug 2010
This year sees some very powerful planetary line-ups. The most striking of these occurs as Saturn, Pluto & Uranus form a challenging t-square in the cardinal signs over the summer. Indeed between 30th July and 7th August this year, we will experience a specific planetary configuration of the highest potency, prompted by Saturn & Mars entering the sign of Libra and a cardinal t-square forming into a grand cross. On 7th August, Saturn, Mars & Venus are conjunct in Libra opposing Uranus & Jupiter in Aries – making a grand cross with Pluto in Capricorn opposed Moon in Cancer. This whole configuration is exact within 5 degrees spanning the first 5 degrees of the cardinal signs. (see chart below).

It is many years since we have experienced a cardinal grand cross of this magnitude and it suggests to me that the events of this year carry tremendous significance for the future of humanity and our planet. We could call it a make-or-break year, a year where the choices we make and the actions we take carry a greater weight and importance and we may feel the weight and expectations of generations past and future upon our shoulders in a particularly intense or focussed way. I see this as a year where we are all being held to account, challenged to act with the highest integrity, to stand up for what we believe, align ourselves to our own deepest truth and act from that place. We are living in extraordinary times of unprecedented change, both in terms of consciousness shift and in geo-polictical-economic terms. As an astrologer, I cannot help but identify the energy of 2010 as being absolutely pivotal to those changes. (I will publish a longer article that goes into more detail about this in the near future).

Lunar Eclipse on Winter Solstice 2010
One of the most remarkable astrological phenomena of the year concerns the winter solstice sunrise, which, on 21st December 2010 coincides with a total lunar eclipse. This is the only lunar eclipse that will occur over this period of 36 years or so during which the winter solstice sunrise is directly aligned to the Galactic Centre. The Mayans, among other cultures, have identified this dark rift in the milky way galaxy (between Sagittarius & Scorpio) as the cosmic source of all creation (and destruction) and they have specifically tied their mythological and calendrical traditions to its winter solstice alignment. It is the place to which the Mayan shamans have always ventured on their visionary journeys in order to gain wisdom and understanding. On Winter Solstice this year, thanks to the lunar eclipse, and for the only time during this period of solar alignment, the Moon, Earth, Solstice Sun and Galactic Centre will all be in perfect alignment.

On a personal level, the astrological energy of this year has may have very significant implications – we all have our part to play in the incredible story that is unfolding on our planet. Those of us with planets in the early degrees of the cardinal signs may feel this alignment particularly powerfully this year, but we will all experience it at some level in our own personal lives. This is a challenging time, but also a time of extraordinary opportunity.

Astrological Consultations with Myself – January Discount
If you would like to gain some personal insights into how best to work with the astrology of 2010 in your own life, then I am offering my customary January discount on astrological consultations. So until 31st January, a 90 minute consultation with me will cost £70 (normal price: £90). Consultations can be conducted either face-to-face in Glastonbury (where possible) or by phone. All sessions can be recorded digitally and sent to you as an mp3 file, or recorded onto a CD.

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