The Alchemical Wheel Turns Once More

Our Pisces Altarpiece

We have just completed our journey around the zodiac for 2010-11 with a sublime Pisces workshop weekend.  Like last year, it served as opium for our imaginations and allowed us to journey, safely, into states of reverie and bliss – it reaches the parts that no other workshop can quite reach!  And all without drugs! -  Just the depth of soul in our breathing, in our voices, in our bodily expression – together with the love and compassion in our hearts.  Absolutely magical!  Thank you to everyone who attended and all those who were with us in spirit.

And we are about to embark on one final alchemical journey cycle in this monthly format.  So it all begins again on the weekend of 2nd / 3rd April with our first workshop of the new cycle: Aries: The Alchemy of Intention.  As Spring buds burst forth in nature, we’ll alchemise our fiery presence in the world, connect to our passion, and ignite that creative flame in our hearts.  Our Aries workshop is the most creatively enlivening of the year and it will inspire your courage and enthusiasm and help you kickstart the next cycle of your life.  This is your last chance to journey around the wheel with us in a monthly rhythm, so seize the opportunity and join this great adventure!

Our Aries Workshop Group from Last Year

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