The Alchemical Harvest

The Sun is now in the sign of the Virgo and we are preparing for our Virgo Workshop on The Alchemical Journey, which we call “Harvesting Your Gold” and takes place this year on 3rd/4th September.

We have entered a time of the year when the emphasis shifts from Leonine creativity, expansiveness and promotional activity to a Virgoan phase of harvesting, distilling, getting to the essence, extracting what is useful and practical. Virgo is the sign of the Harvest Goddess and her nature is precise and exacting, she is a true mistress of discernment and self-control. We are best advised to keep “in time” on her watch, keep a good rhythm in our activities, work methodically with ritual care, paying attention to the details of everyday life.

The planet Venus is also in Virgo now, until 15th September, and this really emphasises the need to be specific and detailed in terms of what are we are trying to manifest in our lives at this time. Venus represents the principle of attraction and while she is in Virgo she is especially discriminating, and will deliver only when our appeal is finely honed, practical and of service to the greater whole.

Virgo is often associated with sharpness, with cutting intellect, with the incision of the analyst or surgeon, and I see it as the sign of the craftsperson too. Yet when I think about the Virgoan artists that I know, I notice there is a suppleness and curvature to their work. I am thinking of one sculptor friend in particular, who has Sun, Moon and several planets in Virgo, and works primarily with wood. His beautiful work is always ritually oriented and is definitely in service to the curves of Mother Nature much more than the straight lines of man. It strikes me that under the auspices of Virgo, we are really attempting to re-create an image of the goddess herself, as she expresses herself through the natural world. Indeed, the focus of our weekend workshop this month is to align ourselves to the goddess and to enter into a more authentic relationship with the sacred feminine aspect of ourselves.

We still have places available on our Virgo Workshop on 3rd / 4th September.  Click here for more details.

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