Reflections on our Aries Workshop

Part of Our Aries AltarWell, we kicked off the new astrological year in fiery style at the weekend, as we launched our Alchemical Journey for 2011-12 with our Aries workshop:  “The Alchemy of Intention”. It was our first workshop in our great new venue, The Camino on King St in Glastonbury.  It was such perfect timing too.  Mars entered Aries on Saturday morning, joining Jupiter and Uranus, which are currently transiting through this sign.  And then we had the new moon in Aries on Sunday afternoon.  Everything focussed on creative energy, directed powerfully toward the impulse for birth and renewed expressions of the life force.

We each, in our own way, threw off the sheath of winter and entered fully and consciously into the generative power of Spring.  The sign of Aries so perfectly expresses itself as the energy of the birth of Spring.  It bursts onto the scene with irrepressible energy and we all experienced that “springing forth” in our own ways through the various meditations, exercises and games that we engaged with during the weekend.  We seized the kairos of this unique moment in the year, as Sun and Moon conjoined in Aries on the new moon, and cracked open the egg, signalling our readiness for a new path of creative expression to open before us.  You can see me here doing this, on behalf of us all, after we had built the energy up together as a group.

On Sunday we went to see the Girt Dog of Langport, as is our annual custom to ask permission of our canine guardian to enter the wheel.  We went first to his nose and climbed to the top of Burrow Mump, and then to his tail at Wagg, where we did a simple dedication in the Glastonbury Zodiac round house temple there.  Many thanks to David and Susan for kindly granting us access to this very special place once again.

With thanks to Penny for the photos.

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