Chalice Well Companions Day

Wonderful day on Saturday at Chalice Well Companions Day. Anthony and myself both presented talks on The Glastonbury Zodiac – Anthony introduced the story of how the Zodiac was discovered by Katharine Maltwood and how its magic places in a synchronicity paradigm that defies rational explanation. I then gave a talk about Chalice Well’s place in the Glastonbury Zodiac, as the eagle or phoenix bird, Chalice Well being positioned precisely on the beak on the bird. I hope I managed to communicate effectively why this bird is the perfect symbol for Aquarius and how the eagle – Aquila in the sky – and the water-bearer are (and have always been) intricately linked.

We had a fantastic lunch provided by the Rainbow’s End cafe (where we always go for lunch on Alchemical Journey weekends!) and Vicki then played a scaled down performance of her marvellous Keys to the Golden City – a musical journey around the zodiac, inspired by her participation on the alchemical journey four years ago. And we finished up with a meditation around the well-head, that I facilitated where we connected with the energy of the phoenix and its transformational and healing potential.

All in all, a wonderful day. We were made so welcome by everyone at Chalice Well and it was a real honour to be asked to present at this most sacred healing spring.

Our next workshop, appropriately enough is entitled Re-Connecting to the Source – this is our workshop based around Cancerian themes and takes place on Sat 2nd / Sun 3rd July.

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