Next Workshop: Sagittarius – Tuesday 4th December

Sagittarius – The Alchemy of Faith, Vision & Possibility
“Re-Kindling Your Inner Fire”


John Wadsworth & Anthony Thorley

Venue: St Anne’s, Chilkwell St, Glastonbury BA6 8DE

Sagittarius by Josephine Wall

Sagittarius by Josephine Wall

Having ventured into the dark waters of Scorpio’s underworld, and risen phoenix-like from the ashes, new vistas of possibility open up as we enter the sign of Sagittarius. This is the season of advent, when the inner, spiritual fire is rekindled and the promise of eternal life becomes realised as a genuine possibility.

In Sagittarius, we journey into a future of our own intentional creation.  Having confronted our shadows in Scorpio, visited the underworld and offered the ferryman his toll, it is time for us to regain our wings and take shamanic flight, mount the spirit-horse, Pegasus, meet our spirit guide and ready ourselves for initiation at the winter solstice in the next sign of Capricorn.

The alchemy of Sagittarius can re-open your heart, releasing your spirit and offer you the freedom to dream a new dream.  Thoughts to the future as we celebrate that immortal, spiritual part of ourselves that survives death and rises again.  The inspirational fire of Sagittarius can lift us free of our material attachments, and, like the phoenix rising out of the ashes, it can re-inspire our creative impulse, stretch our minds and open up new worlds of possibility.  Sagittarius is a time for contemplation and wonder, a time for sacred journeying and the potential revelation of a divine connection.  As the archer takes aim and fires his arrow toward the far horizon, so might we naturally look to the stars for guidance, just as the three wise astrologers did as they followed the star in the east that led them to that much fabled manger in Bethlehem.

The day will include illustrated presentations from Anthony & John on the alchemy of Sagittarius, plus a powerful guided meditation and setting of intention before setting on an Sagittarian quest into the Glastonbury Zodiac.

PRICE: £30

TIMINGS: Sat: 10am – 5.30pm

TO BOOK: Send email to me confirm attendance and pay on the day.

To find out more, you can contact John directly on 01458 831771

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