Leo: The Alchemy of the Heart

Leo: The Alchemy of the Heart

Sun 22nd July 2012

John Wadsworth & Anthony Thorley,

Venue: The Camino Centre, 1 King St, Glastonbury, nr Glastonbury

Drawing upon the energy of Leo, the Sun and the element of fire, this workshop will help to open your heart and put you in touch with your self-confidence, courage and presence.

Leo by Josephine Wall

Leo by Josephine Wall

In Leo we step out into the full radiant light of the Sun! This is where we let the light within us shine out in the world, like the ripe summer fruits on the tree and the golden wheat and corn shining brighty in the fields. This season of fruition and growth, the irrepressible self-expression of summer, gives us permission to really celebrate the true glory of who we are. As Sun the warms the earth, so we connect to the warmth and confidence within us, the flowering of our creativity and the joy of play.

Leo is golden, the divinely chosen ruler, and we all carry this archetype within us – the hero or heroine, the lionheart, the King or Queen. The Leo energy invites us to expand our ‘presence’, and express our authentic selves, accessing our joy, laughter and courage to step out of the shadows and claim the royal birthright that each of us carry as a right.

We will be experiencing the alchemy of the Sun, Leo and the fire element through image, music, story, play, walking in nature, meditation and guided imagery. On the afternoon, we will enter the sacred landscape of the Glastonbury Zodiac, and take a profound ritual journey in the Leo figure of this imaginal landscape temple. Leo, the Lion, was the first landscape figure that Katherine Maltwood discovered in the 1920s, and it paved the way for the zodiac to reveal itself over the years that followed. It is perfectly apt that the lion should be the first figure to be discovered, as Leo is the sign ruled by the Sun – and it the sun’s journey that we are following through the zodiacal year.

DATE: Sun 22nd July
TIMINGS: 10.00am – 6.00pm

PRICE: £30

TO BOOK: Send a cheque for £30, payable to “Kairos Education Ltd” to the following address:

John Wadsworth, St Anne’s, Chilkwell St, Glastonbury, BA6 8DE

To find out more, you can contact John directly on 07869 133759.

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