Confessions of a Gemini Moon!

Well, I’m experiencing this month of Gemini as varied and unprecictable as one might expect of such an buzzy, fluttery and elusive sign. I am born with my moon in Gemini and I would say I am particularly sensitive to Gemini energies – I have always been tremendously magnetised toward Gemini-type people, unceasingly rivted by words, thoughts, ideas, associations and connections between people and ideas. I can also relate very deeply to the erratic nature of this sign – up one minute, down the next – compelled and fascinated by an idea or relationship one day, and bored or disinterested by it the next. This might be viewed as a fault, or a mark of faultly attention, and there have been times in my life, when I am certain that such a judgment would have been justified within a particular context, yet I also identify a deep need (as expressed always by the moon) for colour, variety, diversity and a continually shifting re-interpreting of reality. I have been reflecting on the phenomena that when I find the Gemini energy of communication is getting too much for me, it may be more that I’m losing presence to the truth of the presence of this moment that is always-already there underpinning the contunually shape-shifting phenomena I encounter. When I lose my energy, and feel depleted is when I identify primarily with the phenomena, and I forget to hold my presence within it.

I’ve been thinking a lot od bumblebees this month – that beautfully apt symbol of Geminian buzz. Through spreading the pollen, this “accidental hero” of nature ensures the rich variety and diversity of life continues. However essential the process is to life and how ignorant to think that we should be trying to controlling that natural process through genetic modification of plants and crops – now being put forward as a likely reason why bee populations are declining so much. The bees movement as it buzzes from flower to flower is so apparently erratic, yet at a level we probably cannot appreciate, it is a perfectly choreographed expression of the dance of life, perfect for that moment, perfect in a way that cannot be entirely replicated or copied. The movement of the bee, like all aspects of nature has a pattern to it that we can discern and identify, yet within that pattern is the essence of that particular moment. The essence of that moment ensures that the bee will not tire of his dance, but he is being endlessly replenishes by the unseen web that enables his dance. I’ve been feeling a bit frazzled the last few days – lack of sleep and an excess of buzzing – this is something I am reminding myself of today. Remember the invisible web that supports all the patterns and apparently erratic movements that I make. Remember the web that gives me my life, the web supports my breath, the web that connects to me every other living thing in the web.

Bumblebee, when you enter the flower, I know you are not thinking already of the next flower – you are fully and completely present with the life giving nectar that feeds you in that moment. Bumblebee, when you and buzzing in the air between flowers, I know you are not thinking of the last flower you alighted upon and mourning its loss. Neither are you anxious for the next. I know you are fully present in your buzz, in the flutter of tiny wings. Bumblebee, let me into your secret. Let me bee with you.

Love John x

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