Aries: A Spark of Fire!

In two weeks time, we will begin our new Alchemical Journey cycle with the fire sign Aries lighting the way.

This poem by Dorsha Hayes really captures the spirit of it.

Fire Hazard by Dorsha Hayes
“Filled with the clutter of unsorted stuff
A spark can set a man ablaze
What’s there heaped high among stored rubbish,
At a puff will burst into flame.
No man can be aware of how inflammable he is,
How prone to what can rage beyond control,
Unless the piled up litter of his life
Is known to him, and he is able to assess
What hazard he is in, what could ignite.
A man disordered and undisciplined
Lives in the peril of a panic flight
Before the onrush of a flaming wind.
Does it now seem I seek to be profound?
I stand on smoking ash and blackened ground.”

The adventure begins with a spark of fire and it confronts us with a very direct challenge at the first gateway of the zodiac. Aries confronts us with some very direct questions: What is burning in you? What fires your passion? What are you burning with desire for? What are you willing to sacrifice to the fire of transformation? The “Great Work” of the alchemist begins under the auspices of the Ram “whose fiery effluvia nurture the conception of the Opus”. The primary alchemical process is the calcinatio where, through repeated cooking, the base matter is burned to ash.

Aries is also that moment expressed so poignantly in the alchemical image of the initiate with the sword poised over the egg, ready to strike.  The initiate must seize the moment and recognise within himself that kairos of opportunity and match the passion and courage of the new born chick about to hatch with his own and dive full-blooded into the moment.

Only when imagination is alight with passion, enthused with desire, aflame with the inspiration of the moment can one know that the journey has begun. We see it expressed in the primal scream of the new-born, the irrepressible enthusiasm of youth, the war-cry of the warrior’s charge, the spiritual awakening that ignites our hearts. To begin our alchemical quest for divine union we must first know the experience of separation at its most intense and be ignited with a longing to return. This is the Aries way.

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