A Poem for Beltane

Oh, to be here in Glastonbury on a bright May Day morning, to celebrate with kindred spirits. How at home I feel here honouring the wheel of life! Here’s a poem I wrote, inspired by this morning’s ceremony:

Beltane fire,
Crackling with life
Each lick of flame a line of verse
An enchantment to bewitch and befuddle
Reason, suspended, must dance like a fool

Jumping the fire, wild awakening
A chanted spiral takes me deeper
Eyes meet ‘midst a cluster of memories and longings
Each glance of recognition inebriates my senses
A momentary glimpse
A precious shred of the mystery
To which my soul is wedded, entwined

Dance, my heart, around the may pole
Jack’s erect and true, capped with a crown of blossom
Here he stands, the tree of life
The axis mundi around which we merrily play
Weaving our way
This first of May

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