Taurus: Materialising the Arien Spark

We are now gearing up for our second weekend of the new Alchemical Journey series. Our Taurus weekend, slightly ahead of time will take place on 17th / 18th April. So I have a written a short blog entry here just to get us in the mood:

Taurus by Josephine Wall

Taurus by Josephine Wall

After all the creative energy and fiery, head-first enthusiasm of Aries, we are met in our second zodiac encounter of the year with a perfect counterbalance – the slow moving, sensuously-oriented, fixed earth sign, Taurus. For it is Taurus, the mighty bull of heaven, that takes centre stage in our astrological imaginations from the third week of April, as the Sun enters that sign. The “budding” energy of Aries is now supplanted by the “blossoming” of Taurus as the generous abundance of Spring reveals itself and offers us the promise of the summer.

While Aries is oriented around inspiration and creative fire, so Taurus manifests its truth in the embodied, natural and material realms, which we gain access to through our five senses. Taurus compels us to embody our creative impulses and make them manifest in the world, it demands that we “keep it real” and keep ourselves grounded in our bodies and in the earth. While Aries comes forth with the burning question “Who Am I?”, for Taurus the enquiry is more “What do I Have?”. In Aries, everything is focused on the passionate intensity of new life, the energy of aliveness and the experiential revelation of being here now. As we enter through the Taurean gateway, however, we must slow down, account for ourselves and take stock of what we have, if we are to progress appropriately on our alchemical journey of self-realisation.

Taurean energy offers a magnetic, gravitational resistance to the Aries impulse for pure experience – it is the “matter” to which the Arien spirit must now apply itself. In Taurus, we must recognise and learn to embody the resources we have at our disposal, and consider how best we can apply those resources in the world, such that we might sustain our existence, stabilize that spark of spirit and secure our being-in-the-world.

There is something about the bull which perseveres. It is one of the most consistent and prevailing of our astrological images. The bull has substance and irresistible magnetism, but is also immovable and stubbornly resistant to change. You need to cultivate patience when dealing with a bull. If you try to rush ahead too eagerly with your ideas and projects, the Taurean will determinedly draw you back to the here and now, and demand that you account for yourself and prove that you have what it takes to take the next step effectively. You need to know where you are standing when you deal with a bull – preferably not too close, and beware of sudden movements!

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