The Story So Far

John Wadsworth Founder of The Alchemical Journey

John Wadsworth - Founder of The Alchemical Journey

The Alchemical Journey was conceived my myself, John Wadsworth, in November 2006 as a way of accessing the timeless astrological and alchemical wisdom that I believe we all carry within us. Having worked as an astrologer for seventeen years, I have not only experienced the transformational power of astrological ideas for myself, but have also come to realise that we all have access to this, not simply astrologers. Astrology seems to provide us with a profound map of the human psyche that can better enable us to navigate our lives. It is something that we all somehow seem to recognise, even if we have forgotten that we do.

The programme is now entering its third full year as a 12 month programme. (I have run the programme twice as a 12-week course). We started our first full year in March 2008 in Bath and ran twelve workshops from Bath and Bristol, with participants travelling from as far afield as Brighton, and Staffordshire to attend on a monthly basis.  We had a number of guest facilitators (Anthony Thorley, Martin Maudsley, Sarah Pugh, Amanda Stafford, Paul Chi, Hazel Hammond & Jocelyn Jones)  who offered their creative contributions pertinent to the zodiac sign we were working with at particular stages of the journey.

In 2009, we moved the course from Bristol to Glastonbury, so that we could work directly with The Glastonbury Zodiac.  This has been the most significant development in the programme so far. By welcoming Anthony Thorley to the facilitation team, we have created a much deeper and more embodied experience of the wheel.  Anthony’s ritual walks through the twelve landscape figures of the Glastonbury Zodiac have added a profound depth to the journey, and have created the capacity for a richer vein of meaningful correspondence and synchroncity to be experienced during the weekends.    Anthony’s immense cultural and spiritual knowledge and experience has added a whole other dimension to the programme, and facilitates a precious, first-hand experience of the land, sacred place, and through his sensitive guidance, we have all been able to draw deep wisdom from the sacred journeys he leads us on.

As we enter the third full year of The Alchemical Journey programme now ,as we approach Spring Equinox 2010, we have expanded our facilitation team to four people, bringing in an experienced astrologer and workshop facilitator, Lynne Speight, and dancer / bodyworker, Colette Lassalle, who zodiac altars and embodied movement pieces have now become such a feature of the workshops.