The Story So Far – John Wadsworth
The Alchemical Journey was conceived my myself, John Wadsworth, in November 2006 as a way of accessing the timeless astrological and alchemical wisdom that I believe we all carry within us. Having worked as an astrologer for seventeen years, I have not only experienced the transformational power of astrological ideas for myself, but have also come to realise that we all have access to this, not simply astrologers. READ MORE>>>

The Imaginal Zodiac – John Wadsworth
By taking The Alchemical Journey, we are really walking in the footsteps of countless ancient mystery traditions that have gone before. We are following a twelve-fold path of initiation, a contemporary version of mystery school practices such as those found in Roman Mithraism, which also followed the zodiacal path around the year. I like to think of it as a form of alchemical training for the imagination, imitating and embodying the journey of the Sun through the seasons, through the twelve months of the year and through the twelve astrological portals or gateways. READ MORE>>>

The Glastonbury Zodiac – Anthony Thorley
The Glastonbury Zodiac is a circle, some eleven miles in diameter, of twelve giant effigies present in the Somerset landscape each representing one of the signs of the zodiac. This extraordinary representation of a terrestrial zodiac is demarcated in contour lines, tracks, field boundaries and the courses of streams and rivers combining natural and man-made features. READ MORE>>>

What is Alchemy? – John Wadsworth
Simply put, alchemy is the art transformation. It can be thought of as both a study and a practice, one which can allow us access to the regenerative force of creation, the creative genius that continually weaves the web of life (known in earlier times as the web of ‘wyrd’). READ MORE>>>