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Cancer Workshop 2012: Sun 24th June

Reconnecting to the Source Experience the Alchemy of The Moon, the Element of Water & The Zodiac Sign of Cancer An Experiential Workshop Featuring a Unique Combination of Astrology, Myth, Symbolism & Ritual Journeying in the Glastonbury Zodiac Sunday 24th June 2012 Venue: The Wessex Rooms, Broad St, Somerton TA11 7NH (between Nat West Bank […]
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Cancer: The Crab & the Scarab

We are familiar with the sign of Cancer being associated with a crab through the Greek and Roman traditions.  Indeed the Latin word cancer means crab, and this well-known crustacean expresses the Cancerian temperament very well.  It lives on the cusp of earth and sea, scuttles sideways, cautious in its movements and has a protective […]
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Drinking Deep from Memory’s Well

The Cancerian Phase: Remembering Where We Come From As we approach the Summer Solstice, the ever turning wheel of the Zodiac now prepares to enter the phase of Cancer, and this is a time to remind ourselves of what really nurtures, nourishes and supports us, of what is precious and sacred in our lives. Considered […]
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