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Walking the Aquarius Figure in The Glastonbury Zodiac

Walking the Glastonbury Zodiac – Part 11: Aquarius It has always seemed entirely appropriate to me that the figures of both Aquarius and Pisces in the Zodiac should be drawn to ground in Glastonbury, placing the Isle of Avalon perfectly on the cusp of the astrological ages. The Pisces figure extends to Avalon’s western boundary, […]
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Aquarius: “To Make a Difference, We Must Be Different!”

“To make a difference, we must be different”.  Aquarian Abraham Lincoln said something along those lines – having the willingness to stand out, go against the grain, dance like no-one is watching, and love like it’s never going to hurt.  Aquarians seem to have a way of being themselves regardless of what others think of […]
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Walking the Glastonbury Zodiac: Part 10

Walking the Glastonbury Zodiac: Part 10 – Capricorn When one approaches the Capricorn figure, the northernmost point in the landscape temple, it seems important to do so with a particular degree of reverence and respect. Capricorn stands for initiation, correct alignment, and the hard-earned rite of one’s own spiritual authority. As the cardinal earth sign, […]
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Walking the Horn of Capricorn

Reflections on Last Year’s Walk in the Capricorn Figure The horn of the goat, or in some representations, a unicorn, starts at the pineal gland in the head of the animal and then stretches to the south-west for about 2/3 of a mile, as Ponters Ball rises about 20ft in elevation.  The Capricorn figure itself […]
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