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Preview Film for the Leo Workshop

Anthony & I had a lot of fun on Saturday in Somerton making this little film previewing our Leo Workshop, which happens on 30th / 31st July. Expecting to find the former royal capital of Ancient Wessex in its normal sleepy state we were surprised to find it full of life and in the middle […]
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Alchemical Gold & All That Glitters…

Ever had the feeling that you have a much greater destiny in life, a royal or heroic path? Ever feel like the people you encounter in your life should really be laying a red carpet before you as you arrive? Yes, you guessed it. We’re about to enter the Leo phase of The Alchemical Journey! […]
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Walking the Glastonbury Zodiac – Part 5: Leo

Our fifth zodiacal pilgrimage of the year on The Alchemical Journey finds us in the sign of Leo, which is one of the largest effigies in The Glastonbury Zodiac, and perhaps the most distinctive, stand-out figure in the wheel. And it is, of course, entirely fitting that Britain’s first heraldic lion should appear so striking […]
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