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Summer Solstice, Eclipses & the Importance of the Moon

Here’s my latest video, where I discuss the significance of tomorrow’s Summer Solstice and the upcoming Solar Eclipse on 1st July. In the video I talk about the importance of the Moon, because even though we naturally associate the summer solstice with the veneration of the Sun (particularly at dawn), this turning point in the […]
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Drinking Deep from Memory’s Well

The Cancerian Phase: Remembering Where We Come From As the ever turning wheel of the Zodiac now prepares to enter the phase of Cancer, I like to remind myself of what really nurtures, nourishes and supports me, of what is sacred in my life. Considered in many spiritual traditions to be the gateway through which […]
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Reconnecting to the Source – Video

Latest video from Anthony Thorley and John Wadsworth – previewing our next Alchemical Journey workshop: Reconnecting to the Source – which draws on the alchemy of the astrological sign of Cancer, the Moon and the element of water. It was filmed yesterday at Bradley Spring just south of Compton Dundon. Remarkably, Bradley Spring is a […]
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Chalice Well Companions Day

Wonderful day on Saturday at Chalice Well Companions Day. Anthony and myself both presented talks on The Glastonbury Zodiac – Anthony introduced the story of how the Zodiac was discovered by Katharine Maltwood and how its magic places in a synchronicity paradigm that defies rational explanation. I then gave a talk about Chalice Well’s place […]
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