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Mars & Venus: A Balance of Power

The Sun enters Taurus mid-morning tomorrow (Wednesday 20th April), but it might not quite feel like it, as most of the planets remain in Aries for a few weeks more. Venus rules Taurus, and even though this is traditionally her season, she does not seem to have the upper hand…yet, at least not until she […]
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Taurus & the Power of Manifestation

Increasing Our Magnetism In our zodiacal year, we are now entering the Taurus phase, as the Sun enters that sign, and as it does, so the focus of our alchemical enquiry shifts. In contrast to Aries, Taurus quietly draws toward itself what it needs for its own sustenance and well-being, drawing on the magnetism of […]
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Taurus: Materialising The Arien Spark

We are now gearing up for our second weekend of the new Alchemical Journey series. Our Taurus weekend, slightly ahead of time will take place on 7th/ 8th May. Here are some thoughts on the Taurus phase of the year to get us in the mood. After all the creative energy and fiery, head-first enthusiasm […]
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Pilgrimage From Scorpio to Gemini: Articulating the Shadow

On Sunday my wife Colette and myself walked from the tail of the Scorpion to the throat of one of the Gemini twins in the Glastonbury Zodiac.  I conceived the pilgrimage route across the landscape temple as a personal journey of transformation – a way of drawing out something dark, powerful and difficult to express […]
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Reflections on our Aries Workshop

Well, we kicked off the new astrological year in fiery style at the weekend, as we launched our Alchemical Journey for 2011-12 with our Aries workshop:  “The Alchemy of Intention”. It was our first workshop in our great new venue, The Camino on King St in Glastonbury.  It was such perfect timing too.  Mars entered […]
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