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Aries: A Spark of Fire!

In two weeks time, we will begin our new Alchemical Journey cycle with the fire sign Aries lighting the way. This poem by Dorsha Hayes really captures the spirit of it. Fire Hazard by Dorsha Hayes “Filled with the clutter of unsorted stuff A spark can set a man ablaze What’s there heaped high among […]
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Walking the Glastonbury Zodiac: Aries

The Glastonbury Zodiac was discovered by inspired visionary and artist, Katharine Maltwood in the 1920s, and this “Temple of the Stars”, as she called it, continues to enchant and enthrall all those who imaginatively engage with it. During the 12-month cycle of The Alchemical Journey, we take a ritual walk, led by Anthony Thorley, into […]
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The Alchemical Wheel Turns Once More

We have just completed our journey around the zodiac for 2010-11 with a sublime Pisces workshop weekend.  Like last year, it served as opium for our imaginations and allowed us to journey, safely, into states of reverie and bliss – it reaches the parts that no other workshop can quite reach!  And all without drugs! […]
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