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Walking the Zodiac Part 8: Scorpio

As the veil between life and death thins and winter’s dark cloak starts to draw itself in around us, something stirs in the muddy fields, murky streams and lost woods of the Somerset countryside. A menacing claw reaching out from beyond the threshold of the Fosseway and a scorpion’s sting unleashed through a pointed church […]
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Previewing Our Scorpio Workshop

We’re just three weeks away from our Scorpio Workshop – The Alchemy of Shadow – on 6th / 7th November.  It’s without doubt one of the most powerful and revealing of the year. Carl Jung said that the shadow contains within it our truest gold and that only by allowing our shadow side to express […]
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Libran Reflections

Our Libra workshop last weekend was one of the highlights of the year so far.  It was a profoundly moving weekend, full of depth, penetrating insight and personal revelation.  We were exactly twelve in number for the first time this year, one for each zodiac sign, which felt very auspicious, balanced and symmetrical.  We drew […]
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