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Walking the Glastonbury Zodiac 2010 – Part 6: Virgo

THIS BLOG IS ONE-YEAR OLD.  IT WAS WRITTEN IN AUGUST 2010 I’m just returned from this year’s annual pilgrimage into the Virgo figure in The Glastonbury Zodiac, as part of this month’s Alchemical Journey workshop. By way of preparation on Saturday each member of our group explored their relationship to the Virgo archetype and engaged […]
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Virgo: Harvesting Your Essence

later this month, we enter the astrological sign of Virgo on The Alchemical Journey, and our Virgo Workshop this year takes place over the weekend of 21st / 22nd August, just as the Sun enters that sign. It is always one of the most profound phases of the journey for me.  Colette and I have […]
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The Sovereign Lion

The astrological sign of Leo this month has overseen one of the most powerful planetary line-ups that we astrologers have ever seen – the Cardinal Grand Cross – that culiminates during these first two weeks of August. Today, there is a new moon in the sign of Leo, and while it remains unaspected from the […]
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