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In Search of The Dragon in the Wiltshire Zodiac

We had a fabulous day today following the path of the dragon in the Wiltshire Zodiac. Our merry little band of zodiac pilgrims and wannabe St Georges braved the uncertain weather conditions, and enjoyed an imaginal reverie in this most intoxicating of sacred landscapes.  The polar constellation of Draco came alive beneath our feet as […]
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The Taurus Altar

One of the most memorable features of The Alchemical Journey over the last year have been the incredible zodiac altars that Colette creates for us each month. They form the centrepiece of our workshops, included within our circle, and offer such a depth of perspective and a richness of symbolism – and they really help […]
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Walking the Zodiac – Part 2: Taurus

Our alchemical foray into Glastonbury’s temple of the stars this month, led so expertly by Anthony Thorley, took us into Taurus the Bull, one of the most stunning walks on our zodiac tour, and at such a beautiful time of the year. Everything about it resonates with the sensuous, abundant gifts of nature. Each month […]
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Taurus: Materialising the Arien Spark

We are now gearing up for our second weekend of the new Alchemical Journey series. Our Taurus weekend, slightly ahead of time will take place on 17th / 18th April. So I have a written a short blog entry here just to get us in the mood: After all the creative energy and fiery, head-first […]
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