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Out of the Darkness Fly the Arrows of Inspiration

Knowing how passionate I am about the link between the zodiac and the seasonal cycle from which its meanings derive, people often ask me how I reconcile the fact that the fire sign Sagittarius falls within the darkest season of the year.  I have done a lot of searching reflection on this over the years […]
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Mars, Pluto & the Poppy – Flower of the Underworld

I have just walked the labyrinth in my garden to mark the armistice, and found myself, on this day of remembrance, meditating upon the symbolic qualities of the poppy.  It is said that when WWI veterans returned to the fields of Flanders the year after the end of World War 1, they saw fields of […]
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Crying Tears For the Gods…

This post is inspired by a very moving dialogue on The Alchemical Journey forum, about death, despair, grief, loss, shame – and how sometimes we need to surrender our mental constructs and journey deep into the mystery of those perspectives in order to find catharsis and healing. Often it is not enough to just “understand” […]
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The Alchemy of Darkness

“Night and dark are good for us. As the nights lengthen, it’s time to reopen the dreaming space.”(Jeanette Winterson) This post is inspired by a beautiful article by Jeanette Winterson in Sunday’s Observer. In the article she reminds us just how important it is for our sanity and well-being to embrace the cycle of the […]
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Scorpio & The Beauty of Autumn’s Decrepitude

Thinking more about Scorpio and why I love this late autumn season so much, I’d like to share this beautiful reflection by Valerie Easton from a recent article in The Seattle Times. (Thanks so much Marcia for sending it to me) “I’ve been trying to figure out why I love my garden most right now, […]
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The Season of the Dead

I’ve been thinking about why I love this time of year so much, this Scorpio time, why I find it so compelling.  I’m not a Scorpio and have no planets there (except for Neptune – and I do have a prominent Pluto). Yet for me, an Aries child of the Spring Equinox, so full of […]
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