Monthly Archives: May 2009

The Alchemy of Gemini – Betwixt & Between

As the days get longer and the sun rises to its zenith in the sky, so the alchemical carousel turns again and we enter the sign of Gemini. The dialogical exchange of the divine twins invites us into the mysteries of the air element and Nature responds with a rich variety of sounds, colours, scents […]
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The Bull’s Injunction!

This month has really been a journey for me in the art of embodiment. My arrival at Abbey House in Glastonbury has slowed me right down, from the pace of inner city Bristol to the tranquility of this retreat with its magnificent grounds and the hallowed turf of Glastonbury Abbey, which is considered by many […]
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A Poem for Beltane

Oh, to be here in Glastonbury on a bright May Day morning, to celebrate with kindred spirits. How at home I feel here honouring the wheel of life! Here’s a poem I wrote, inspired by this morning’s ceremony: Beltane fire,Crackling with lifeEach lick of flame a line of verseAn enchantment to bewitch and befuddleReason, suspended, […]
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