Monthly Archives: May 2008

The Question of Intellectual Property

Does The Alchemical Journey belong to me? This is a question I have been asking myself over the past few days. Is it “mine”? Do I own it? And if I do own it, what does that mean? Does that make it exclusively my property, and what happens as it starts developing its own identity […]
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Taurean Resistance

One of the great things we are learning through the Taurus perspective is the value of gratitude and appreciation for what we have. This principle is clearly at the heart of alchemy and the process of creative manifestation. As Lynne Twist says “What you appreciate appreciates”. However, when this appreciation is limited to those things […]
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Thank You Mum!

I’d like to share with you my most profound Taurean revelation of the month so far. The last couple of days I’ve felt really good about myself and the world and really in a profound state of gratitude – and I’m it putting down to listening to the Taurus soundtrack that I’ve created for myself. […]
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