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Taurean Reflections

So we’re into the sign of Taurus, the first of the three earth signs and what a contrast to Aries! While the impulsive Ram goes chasing after what it wants with wild abandon and irresistible charisma, Taurus quietly draws toward itself what it needs for its own sustenance and well-being. Taurus draws on the magnetism […]
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Definitions of Passion

Just looked up the dictionary definitions of “passion”. Quite interesting range of assocations, worth reflecting on. From the Oxford Concise Dictionary… 1. Strong, barely controllable emotion2. An outburst of anger3. Intense sexual love4. a) Strong enthusiasm; b) a thing arousing this.5. (the Passion): a) the suffering of Christ during his last days. b) a narrative […]
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Th Alchemical Journey Begins!

This blog is intended to constitute a record of my own reflections upon The Alchemical Journey programme that I have initiated and am facilitating this year. I feel it is important, in the spirit of action-learning, that I am open about my own learning process. After all, I have as much to learn about myself […]
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