The Alchemical Journey


The Alchemical Journey is a unique, initiatory adventure in personal and spiritual transformation, following the wheel of the astrological year through the twelve signs of the zodiac, with a monthly pilgrimage into the corresponding landscape effigy of the Glastonbury Zodiac.

Facilitators:  John Wadsworth, Anthony Thorley & Lynne Speight

The course runs for one year, thirteen days, with one gathering per month, while the Sun is in each zodiacal sign.

The Girt Dog: The Alchemy of Guardianship – Saturday 21st March 2015

Aries: The Alchemy of Intention – Sunday 22nd March 2015

Taurus: The Alchemy of Gratitude – Sunday 26th April 2015

Gemini – The Alchemy of Communication – Sunday 24th May 2015

Cancer: The Alchemy of Memory - Sunday 21st June 2015

Leo: The Alchemy of the Heart – Sunday 19th July 2015

Virgo: The Alchemy of Harvest – Sunday 23rd August 2015

Libra: The Alchemy of Relationship – Sunday 27th September 2015

Scorpio: The Alchemy of Desire & Shadow - Sunday 25th October 2015

Sagittarius: The Alchemy of Possibility – Sunday 22nd November 2015

Capricorn: The Alchemy of Vocation – Sunday 20th December 2015

Aquarius: The Alchemy of Community - Sunday 24th January 2016

Pisces: The Alchemy of Bliss – Sunday 21st February 2016

Workshops run from 10.00am – 5.30pm

Price: £350 for the year.

Workshops can be attended individually for £40 per day. (£35 concessions)

Please make cheques payable to “Kairos Education Ltd” to the following address:

John Wadsworth, St Anne’s, Chilkwell St, Glastonbury BA6 8DE

To find out more, you can contact John directly on 07869 133759.