The Alchemical Journey

The Alchemical Journey is a unique, initiatory adventure in personal and spiritual transformation, following the wheel of the astrological year through the twelve signs of the zodiac, with a monthly pilgrimage into the corresponding landscape effigy of the Glastonbury Zodiac.

The course runs for one year, thirteen days, with one gathering per month, while the Sun is in each zodiacal sign.

The Girt Dog: The Alchemy of Guardianship – Saturday 22nd March 2014

Aries: The Alchemy of Intention – Sunday 23rd March 2014

Taurus: The Alchemy of Gratitude – Sunday 20th April 2014

Gemini – The Alchemy of Communication – Sunday 1st June 2014

Cancer: The Alchemy of Memory - Sunday 22nd June 2014

Leo: The Alchemy of the Heart – Sunday 27th July 2014

Virgo: The Alchemy of Harvest – Sunday 24th August 2014

Libra: The Alchemy of Relationship – Sunday 28th September 2014

Scorpio: The Alchemy of Desire & Shadow - Sunday 26th October 2014

Sagittarius: The Alchemy of Possibility – Sunday 23rd November 2014

Capricorn: The Alchemy of Vocation – Sunday 21st December 2014

Aquarius: The Alchemy of Community - Sunday 25th January 2015

Pisces: The Alchemy of Bliss – Sunday 22nd February 2015

Workshops run from 10.00am – 5.30pm

Price: £480 for the year.

Early Bird Price: £450 if booked and paid in full by 31st January 2014.

Please make cheques payable to “Kairos Education Ltd” to the following address:

John Wadsworth, St Anne’s, Chilkwell St, Glastonbury BA6 8DE

To find out more, you can contact John directly on 01458 831771.