The Alchemical Journey

The Alchemical Journey – A Zodiac Mystery School Adventure

Venue: The Gables, Roman Way, Glastonbury

Facilitators:  John Wadsworth & Anthony Thorley

See 2019-20 Programme Starts Sun 24th March 2019. Course Dates Below… 

Experience the healing power of the astrological wheel as we pilgrimage through the seasonal year exploring the myth and symbolism of the twelve signs of the zodiac, and walking the sacred landscape of the mysterious Glastonbury Zodiac. Discover a deeper and more authentic you, and be surprised by the depth of your own untapped creativity.

Here is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself for a whole year in the compelling mysteries of the Zodiac, and discover how to tap into the transformational power and deep secrets of each sign.  We each carry the energy and potential of all twelve signs within us, and each sign carries an important series of lessons for us to absorb and integrate into our lives. By entering consciously into a contemplation of each sign in turn, we can learn to absorb their powerful teaching into the centre of our being.

The Glastonbury Zodiac comprises a circle of giant landscape effigies soaked in history and legend and mapped out subtly in the rivers, contours and ancient trackways of the Somerset countryside. Each weekend of the journey you will encounter mythical tales from ancient cultures, local legends and alchemical symbols, and have the chance to experience these at a personal level through simple exercises and group activities. And then we will guide you safely and poetically through the twelve portals of this extraordinary landscape star temple, and so by walking the landscape of each zodiacal effigy, you will be drawn deeper into the alchemical power of the signs and come to see this potential expressed in your own life.

The Alchemical Journey offers a profoundly embodied learning experience. You don’t need to know any astrology to get the most out of the Journey as you will find through the workshops that you already carry its wisdom deep within yourself. It is an adventure, a quest for deeper self-understanding.  And sharing the journey with others, you will develop deep and abiding friendships along the way.

Co-facilitators John Wadsworth & Anthony Thorley have been leading The Alchemical Journey in Glastonbury since 2009.  They will also be joined at certain points during the year by astrologer Lynne Speight who also has many years experience of The Alchemical Journey.

The dates of the 2019-20 programme are as follows:

Aries: Sun 24th March
Taurus: Sun 21st April
Gemini: Sun 26th May
Cancer: Sun 23rd June
Leo: Sun 28th July
Virgo: Sun 1st Sept
Libra: Sun 29th Sept
Scorpio: Sun 27th Oct
Sagittarius: Sun 24th Nov
Capricorn: Sun 22nd Dec
Aquarius: Sun 26th Jan
Pisces: Sun 23rd Feb

Each day begins at 10am with a morning gathering in Glastonbury up until lunch at 1pm. In the afternoon, we walk in the landscape figure of the sign we are working with.

Also included in the course is a monthly Skype conference call, where you will be supported in working with the energy of each zodiac sign, as you work with the twelve gateway principles in John Wadsworth’s book, Your Zodiac Soul.

The price for the whole course is £750.

You can also sign up for a whole weekend astrological experience with John Wadsworth’s ‘Your Zodiac Soul Journey’, which includes the Alchemical Journey workshops. Click here for more details…

Payment by bank transfer to:
Kairos Education Ltd
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To find out more, you can contact John directly on 07869 133759.